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Engineering | Del E. Webb School of Construction


Teaching as the Focus

Unlike most buildings, the College Avenue Commons (CAVC) was designed to be used as a teaching tool. Components normally concealed, such as structural supports or electrical conduit, were left exposed. Slide-out barn doors in some areas reveal “behind-the-wall” models of the framing, wiring and insulation.  Knowing teaching was the focus, everyone involved took special care to not only do exemplary work, but exceptional work.

Cutting-Edge Learning Spaces

Construction was facilitated by the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a computer modeling interface which allows architects and builders to create three-dimensional models of a building’s systems and overlay them to find conflicts. BIM is the industry-standard, and the CAVC now houses some of the most sophisticated BIM classrooms in the nation. In fact, several specialty classrooms were built in the CAVC for the DEWSC, including those for BIM; mechanical, electrical and plumbing; materials; and more. Right down to the layout and furniture design, each classroom was geared specifically toward the discipline being taught.

LEED Gold Certified

Because ASU was seeking LEED Gold certification, many sustainable environmental features were planned into the design:

  • Use of recycled and low-emitting building materials
  • Diversion of construction waste — nearly 92% was recycled
  • East-west orientation that leaves the north side shaded most of the time
  • Exterior metal shade on north side provides shade but allows daylight into the building, reducing need for electrical lighting
  • Increased use of daylight in the classrooms and throughout the building
  • LED lighting in some areas of the building automatically adjusts according to need.
  • Chilled-beam construction pumps cold water through beams to help cool one of the classrooms.
  • Sensors which monitor heating and cooling systems
  • Water usage is reduced and is monitored
  • Rainfall is harvested for re-use
  • Cantilevered façade shades walkway on College Avenue
  • Roof space for future solar panels