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  Why CIM?

The need for people with enhanced technical, communication and leadership skills to meet the growing demands of the progressively changing concrete industry of the 21st Century prompted the addition of the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) concentration to the Del E. Webb School of Construction (DEWSC) (http://construction.asu.edu) within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Where do CIM Graduates Work?

The goal of the CIM program is to produce broadly educated, articulate graduates, who are grounded in basic construction management while also knowledgeable of concrete as a material, capable of managing people and systems, and able to promote products and services related to the concrete industry. This program provides its graduates with the widest array of employment opportunities of any program in the Construction School. In addition to working as a construction manager upon graduation CIM students can also pursue  multiple options on the production side of the industry: sales and marketing, operations,  production management, quality control, technical services, and environmental compliance and sustainability.

  What courses do CIM students take?

The curriculum was developed using input from leaders of both the concrete production and construction industries. The curriculum includes general studies requirements, business and construction classes, engineering coursework, concrete industry-related courses and two summer internships that provide practical experience and many times leads to permanent employment upon graduation.

  Is there industry support for this program and its graduates?

CIM has phenomenal support from the concrete industry. Every class is augmented with industry speakers and industry field trips.  Over half of CIM 105 "Introduction to the Concrete Industry" is taught outside the classroom on industry sites. There are industry networking events held virtually every month that students are invited to attend where they meet and network with industry professionals. This education grounded in industry practice produces graduates that are extremely competent and confident in their abilities to perform from their very first day on the job. 

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